Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Fatimah Khanum ʻIzzat al-Dawlah

ʻIzzat al-Dawlah, also known as ʻIzzat al-Muluk and ʻIzzat al-Saltanah, was the daughter of Muzaffar al-Din Shah and Taj al-Muluk and the wife of ʻAbd al-Husayn Mirza Farmanfarma. In 1324 AH she was given the title of ‘Izzat al-Dawlah. She had six sons from her marriage to ʻAbd al-Husayn Mirza Farmanfarma.

Fatimah Khanum ʻIzzat al-Muluk, who had the titles of ʻIzzat al-Saltanah and ʻIzzat al-Dawlah, was the daughter of Taj al-Muluk Umm al-Khaqan and Muzaffar al-Din Shah. She married ʻAbd al-Husayn Mirza Farmanfarma in 1887 (or 1888), while her father was crown prince. They had six children: Firuz Mirza Nasr al-Dawlah, ʻAbbas Mirza Salar Lashgar, Muhammad Vali Mirza Farmanfarmayian, Muhammad Husayn Mirza Firuz, Muhammad Jaʻfar Mirza, and Nizam al-Din Mirza. Muzaffar al-Din Mirza was not on good terms with his son-in-law and at times he asked his daughter, Fatimah Khanum, then known as ʻIzzat al-Saltanah, to divorce her husband, which she refused. Later, ʻIzzat al-Saltanah gave her own title to her daughter-in-law, Zahra Sultan, wife of ʻAbbas Mirza Salar Lashgar, and was granted ʻIzzat al-Dawlah, her grandmother (sister of Nasir al-Din Shah)'s title. Close

فرمانفرماییان، مهرماه. (۱۳۷۷). زندگی نامه عبدالحسین میرزا فرمانفرما. تهران: توس. Close

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