Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

‘Aliriza Khan ‘Azud al-Mulk (Nayib al-Saltanah)

b. 1822 or 1823
d. 22 September 1910

‘Aliriza Khan Qajar Quvanlu was the son of Musa Khan, Nasir al-Din Shah's maternal uncle

In 1854 or 1855, ‘Aliriza Khan became a Ghulam Bachchah in Nasir al-Din Shah's court and later was assigned as his Pishkhidmat-i Khassah. In 1861 or 1862, he became a Khvansalar. In 1867 or 1868, he was given the mission to transport gold blocks to the shrine of Imam Hasan in Samarrah. Upon returning to Iran, he received the title of ‘Azud al-Mulk and was appointed as the keeper of the seals for the Shah. ‘Azud al-Mulk accompanied Nasir al-Din Shah in his trip to Europe. In 1873 or 1874, he became the chief of the Qajar tribe and in 1886 or 1887 was appointed as the head of Sanduq-i ‘Idalat [Justice Box]. During the tobacco protests as well as the Constitutional Revolution, ‘Azud al-Mulk acted as a mediator between the court and the clergy. In July 7, 1910, he was selected as the regent of Ahmad Shah. Close

بامداد، مهدی. شرح حال رجال ایران، تهران: نشر زوار، ۱۳۵۷، جلد ۲. Close

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