Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Amir Dust Muhammad Khan (Mu‘ayyir al-Mamalik)

b. 1856 or 1857
d. 1912 or 1913 Shahr-i Ray

Son of Mah Nisa’ Khanum and Dust‘ali Khan (Nizam al-Dawlah); he married Fatimah Khanum (‘Ismat al-Dawlah), Nasir al-Din Shah's daughter, in 1866 or 1867; their children: Fakhr al-Taj (‘Ismat al-Saltanah), ‘Ismat al-Muluk, Dust Muhammad Mu‘ayyiri (I‘tisam al-Dawlah), and Dust‘ali Mu‘ayyiri (I‘tisam al-Saltanah)

At the age of fifteen, Dust Muhammad Khan was appointed as the Governor of Yazd. After his father's death, he managed matters related to the treasury under his mother's supervision. After a while, he gave up this job and following his mother's death, in 1881 or 1882, traveled to Karbala and later to Europe. After three years, In 1884, Dust Muhammad Khan returned to Iran and Nasir al-Din Shah's court with the mediation of his wife, Fatimah Khanum (‘Ismat al-Dawlah). He was interested in painting, photography, music, and hunting. Close

معیرالممالک، دوستعلی خان. رجال عصر ناصری، تهران: نشر تاریخ ایران. Close

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