Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

ʻAli Quli Mirza Iʻtizad al-Saltanah

b. 1818 or 1819 Tehran
d. 1880 or 1881 Shahr-i Ray

ʻAli Quli Mirza Iʻtizad al-Saltanah (1818 or 1819 to 1880 to 1881) was the son of Gul Pirahan Khanum and the 54th son of Fath ʻAli Shah, and uncle of Nasir al-Din Shah. He married Kuchik Khanum. His children: Tajmah Khanum, Muhammad Hasan Mirza Muʻtazad al-Saltanah, Sanjar Mirza (father of Qizil Arsalan Mirza and Tughrul Takin Mirza), Nur al-ʻAyn Khanum (wife of Shah Murad Mirza), and Rabiʻah Khanum (wife of Jalal al-Din Mirza and mother of ʻAbd al-Riza Mirza). He was buried in Hazrat ʻAbd al-ʻAzim cemetery.

Information provided by Bahman Bayani, the owner of Bayani Collection; also: بامداد، مهدی، شرح حال رجال ایران، نشر زوار، تهران، ۱۳۵۷، جلد ۲. Close

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