Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Sadiqah Dawlatabadi

A collection of correspondence, speeches, essays, periodicals, fiction writing, publications and photographs related to the life and career of Sadiqah Dawlatabadi (1882-1961). Includes materials related to her correspondence with Qamar Taj Dawlatabadi (1908-1992), studies and travels in Europe, work for the Ministry of Education, and affiliation and activities with various organizations, including Kanun-i banuvan [Women’s Center], Jamʻiyat-i rah-i naw [Society for a New Path], Jamʻiyat-i Nisvan-i Vatankhvah-i Iran [Association of Patriotic Women of Iran], and the International Congress of Women and Peace. Also includes seven issues from the third Zaban-i zanan series published in Tehran between 1942 and 1945.

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  • Acquisition Notes

    Most of the materials in this collection have been deposited by Mahdokht Sanati at International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Additional materials have been contributed by Mahdokht Sanati and from the private collection of Afsaneh Najmabadi.

  • History

    The oldest letter in this collection is from Sadiqah Dawlatabadi on her way to Europe. She was barred from leaving the country and writes a letter to the governor of Karand protesting her treatment. Years later she recounts the story in Zaban-i Zanan. The majority of the letters in this collection are from Sadiqah Dawlatabadi to her two younger sisters Fakhr Taj and Qamar Taj. The first half of this correspondence consists of letters she wrote to them while in Europe. Many of these letters have a maternal tone and offer her sisters advice on womanhood, marriage and parenting. A few of the letters are from later periods, when Sadiqah Dawlatabadi was in Tehran and Fakhr Taj studying in England. The collection also includes some official correspondence.

    The remaining items in the collection consist of hand-written documents by Sadiqah Dawlatabadi, some of which was published in publications including the first and third series of Zaban-i Zanan. The collection also contains some articles about Sadiqah Dawlatabadi published in various periodicals.

  • Dates ca. 1914-1961
  • Last Edited 27 August 2020
  • Record Number 905-906-1017