Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Bahram Mirza Mu‘izz al-Dawlah

b. 1808 or 1809 Tabriz
d. 21 October 1882 Shahr-i Ray

Son of Fatimah Khanum Navvab Muta‘aliyah (daughter of Haj Aqa Muhammad Khan from Zaynal) and ‘Abbas Mirza Nayib al-Saltanah

He had multiple wives, including: 1- daughter of Khan Baba Khan Sardar, their son: Isma‘il Mirza Mu‘izz al-Dawlah [II]; 2- Fatimah Khanum (daughter of Husayn‘ali Mirza Farmanfarma, the Governor of Fars), children: Sultan Ibrahim Mirza, Fazl Allah Mirza, and Balqays Khanum; 3- sister of Jamshid Baygi from Georgia, children: Sitarah Khanum (Shahzadah Khanum), Gawhar Shad Khanum, and Mah Parah Khanum (Shahzadah); Bahram Mirza's other children are Farangis Khanum, Ishaq Mirza, Malakah Khanum (Shazdah Galin), Muhammad Baqir Mirza, Shazdah Baygum, Shamsi Khanum, Navvabah Khanum, Muhammad Kazim Mirza, Muhammad Ja‘far Mirza, Mukhbir al-Din Mirza, Muhammad Hasan Mirza, ‘Ali Muhammad Mirza, Qurban‘ali Mirza Mujir al-Dawlah, Dirakhshandah Khanum (Shazdah Khanum), Muhammad ‘Sadiq Mirza Mu‘izz al-Dawlah [III], ‘Abd al-Husayn Mirza ‘Ala’ al-Sultan, Tajmah Khanum (Agha Shazadah), Nur al-Huda Khanum Vaqar al-Saltanah, Jayran Khanum Mufarrah al-Saltanah, Shawkat Khanum Tal‘at al-Saltanah, Mah Liqa Khanum, Farkhundah Khanum Fakhr al-Saltanah, and ‘Iffat Khanum Mukarram al-Saltanah. Bahram Mirza Mu‘izz al-Dawlah held the following positions: Governor of Khuy, Qarachah-dagh, Kirmanshah, Luristan, Khuzistan, Qazvin, Fars, and Mazandaran; regent during Nasir al-Din Shah's trip to Isfahan in 1850 or 1851; and Minister of Justice. Close

"بامداد، مهدی، شرح حال رجال ایران، نشر زوار، تهران، ۱۳۵۷، جلد ۱، صص ۱۹۵-۱۹۲؛ Genealogies of Muʻizzi family, on this website, with the record numbers of 1134A22 و 1134A23" Close

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