Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Saltanat Khanum Jinab

b. 1880 or 1881 Isfahan
d. 1971 or 1972 Isfahan

Saltanat Khanum (Shazdah Jan), daughter of Jayran Khanum and Muhammad Husayn Mirza, was born in 1880 or 1881 in Isfahan. She married Mir Sayyid ‘Ali Jinab and they had the following children: Bibi Khanum (Tan Jun), ‘Azra (Khadijah Sultan Baygum), Nayyirah, Malik (Rubabah Sultan Baygum), Akbar (Mirza Muhammad Husayn), Sayyid Kamal al-Din (Mirza ‘Ali), Sayyid Jamal al-Din (Mirza Muhammad Hasan), Sayyid Shams al-Din (Mir Sayyid Muhammad), Sayyid Fakhr al-Din (Mirza Ibrahim), and Khanum Fakhr (Zahra Baygum). Saltanat Khanum died in 1971 or 1972 in Isfahan.

This information was obtained through the family and, the genealogy and other documents of Mir Sayyed Ali Jenab Collection. Close

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