Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Taj Iran Zarghami

b. 23 September 1917 Tehran

Fatimah Taj Iran Zarghami, the daughter of Turan al-Dawlah and Arbab Faraj Zargham, was born on 23 September 1917 in Tehran. Her parents separated when she was nine months old. At the age of nine, she was married to Muhammad Majidi, the son of Shaykh ʻAli Asghar Majidi (Turan al-Dawlah's second husband) from his first marriage with Galin Aqa. In 1930 or 1931, Muhammad Majidi went to France for education and there married Annette and had a son named Gérard. When this news reached to Turan al-Dawlah, she got Taj Iran's divorce. Taj Iran was in the 11th grade at this time. On 28 April 1935, Taj Iran married Husayn Fasihi. They had seven children: Sayyid Muhsin (Humayun), Sayyid Muhammad (Kamran), Sayyid Fazl Allah (Kambiz), Sayyid ʻAli (ʻAli Baba), ʻAbd al-Riza (ʻAbdi), Huma, and Fattanah.

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