Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Firuz Mirza Nusrat al-Dawlah Farmanfarma [I]

b. 1788 or 1789 Tehran
d. 4 January 1886

Firuz Mirza Nusrat al-Dawlah Farmanfarma was born in 1817 or 1818 in Tehran. He was the sixteenth son of the crown prince, ʻAbbas Mirza. He first married the daughter of Mirza Yusuf Ashtiyani (her name not known to us) and they had two children: ʻAbd al-Hamid Mirza Nasir al-Dawlah and Munavvar al-Saltanah. He married Hajiyah Huma Khanum in 1853 or 1854 and their children were: Malik Taj Khanum Najm al-Saltanah, Ashraf Khanum Surur al-Saltanah, Mah Sama’ Khanum ‘Ismat al-Saltanah (died at a young age), and ʻAbd al-Husayn Mirza Farmanfarma. Firuz Mirza died on January 4, 1886.

Firuz Mirza served in positions including the Governor of Isfahan, Fars, Kirman, Baluchistan, and Arak. He was also the Pishkar [Steward] for the Crown Prince, Mu‘in al-Din Mirza, in Azarbayjan, the Deputy for the Ministry of War, and a member of the Governing Council. In 1873, he accompanied Nasir al-Din Shah to Europe. Close

مهرماه فرمانفرمائیان، «زندگی نامه عبدالحسین میرزا فرمانفرما»، جلد دوم، انتشارات توس، چاپ اول، ۱۳۸۲، ص ۳۲۳ ؛ http://fa.wikipedia.org/wiki/فیروز_میرزا؛ بامداد، مهدی. شرح حال رجال ایران، تهران: نشر زوار، ۱۳۵۷، جلد۳؛ رکوعی، عزت الله. دوله‌ها و سلطنه‌ها در عصر قاجار، تهران: نشر کیوان. Close

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