Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran


A collection of family letters and papers, photographs, and objects, featuring several marriage contracts and household items from the Muʻizzi family .

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  • Acquisition Notes

    The collection comprises items belonging to Fatemeh Moezzi, Nimtaj and Fakhr Taj Mu‘izzi, Khanum Gawhar Jahandari, and Yahya Mirza Yumn al-Sultan Dawlatshahi. They were made available to WWQI in 2010.

  • History

    The collection includes several letters from Shams al-Muluk ʻAzudi, daughter of Nusrat Allah Mirza Amir Aʻzam, to her husband, Najaf Quli Mirza Muʻizzi, son of Ibrahim Mirza, son of Bahram Mirza Muʻizz al-Dawlah. These letters appear to have been written while Najaf Quli Mirza Hisam al-Dawlah served in government appointments in Tehran or Shiraz and Shams al-Muluk lived in Shahrud. They were given to their daughter, Nuzhat al-Zaman, by Najaf Quli Mirza.

    The collection also includes the marriage contract of Ruqiyah Khanum, daughter of Nasr Allah Khan Muʻtamid al-Sultan, and ‘Abd al-Husayn Mirza ʻAlaʼ al-Sultan, son of Bahram Mirza Muʻizz al-Dawlah. A number of household items featured in this collection belong to their daughters, Nimtaj and Fakhr Taj Muʻizzi. Two additional marriage contracts belong to Dirakhshandah Khanum (Shazdah Khanum), daughter of Bahram Mirza Muʻizz al-Dawlah, and Akhtar al-Muluk, daughter of Dirakhshandah Khanum. Akhtar al-Muluk is the creator of the embroidery cover featured in the collection. The last marriage contract belongs to Nimtaj Muʻizzi, daughter of Ruqiyah Khanum and ‘Abd al-Husayn Mirza ‘Alaʼ al-Sultan, and Yahya Mirza Yumn al-Sultan Dawlatshahi, son of Nigar Khanum (daughter of Murtiza Quli Mirza) and Sultan Ahmad Mirza Yumn al-Dawlah (son of Sultan Muhammad Mirza). Murtiza Quli Mirza and Sultan Muhammad Mirza are the sons of ‘Imad al-Dawlah. The portrait of Nigar Khanum featured in the collection was painted by Yahya Mirza who was a student of Kamal al-Mulk.

  • Dates 1879-2006
  • Last Edited 22 May 2013
  • Record Number 1134