Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Asiyah Khanum

d. 1814 or 1815

Asiyah Khanum, the daughter of Fath ʻAli Khan Qajar Davallu and the sister of Amir Khan Sardar, was one of Fath ʻAli Shah's wives and they had three children: ʻAbbas Mirza Nayib al-Saltanah (the crown prince), ʻAli Shah Mirza Zill al-Sultan, and Gawhar Mulk Khanum (known as Shah Bibi). After the birth of ʻAli Shah Mirza Zill al-Sultan in 1795 (or 1796), Aqa Muhammad Khan sent well-known jewelry to Asiyah Khanum, which she hanged over the infant's cradle. It is said that Asiyah Khanum accompanied her son, ʻAbbas Mirza, in some battles and offered suggestions on military actions. During festivities and celebrations, she used to stand in the front row and inspect the troops. Asiyah Khanum died in 1814 (or 1815) and was buried in ʻAtabat.

دايرة المعارف زن ایرانی (جلد یک) به سرپرستی مصطفی اجتهادی، مرکز امور مشارکت زنان ریاست جمهوری، چاپ اول ۱۳۸۲؛ عضد الدوله، میرزا احمد خان. تاریخ عضدی. به کوشش: دکتر عبدالحسین نوایی. تهران، نشرعلم، ۱۳۷۶. Close

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