Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Khujastah Khanum Jahanbani (Taj al-Dawlah)

Khujastah Khanum Jahanbani (Taj al-Dawlah) was the daughter of Sayf Allah Mirza Jahanbani, the granddaughter of Fath ‘Ali Shah, and Nasir al-Din Shah's first permanent wife after coronation. She was the mother of ‘Ismat al-Dawlah and Mu‘in al-Din Mirza and raised Turan Agha and Tuman Agha, the daughters of Khazin al-Dawlah (Nasir al-Din Shah's other wife) after her death. Khujastah Khanum died shortly after the death of her daughter ‘Ismat al-Dawlah in 1905, but her exact date of death is unknown.

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