Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Musa Yash‘iya

b. 1891 or 1892
d. 1935 or 1936

Musa Yash‘iya was the son of Khvurshid and Ishaq Zangi. He had two wives, Raghi and Khanum. Musa Yash‘iya and Raghi had two children: Hishmat and Aqdas. Also, Musa Yash‘iya and Khanum had seven children: Ya‘qub, Shukr Allah, Nijat, Amir, Nasir, Harun, and Mahin (Zulaykha). Musa Yash‘iya passed away at the age of forty-four.

This information was obtained through the owner of this collection, Harun Yashaya’i. Close

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