Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Agha Baygum Javanshir (Agha Baji)

Agha Baygum known as Agha Baji was the daughter of Ibrahim Khalil Khan Javanshir, the Governor of Qarabagh. She married Fath‘ali Shah in 1798 or 1799. Agha Baygum died in 1832 or 1833 in Qum. She was a poet and her pen name was Tuti.

Agha Baygum was initially a temporary wife of Fath‘ali Shah. She became a permanent wife after Asiyah Khanum Qajar's death. She was known as Banu-yi Banuan-i Shah or Banu-yi Haram, and Malakah Iran. Agha Baygum resided in a palace built by Fath‘ali Shah in Imamzadah Qasim and Qum's tax revenue was allocated to her. Agha Baygum did not have any children but was responsible for the upbringing of Kavus Mirza and Murassa‘ Khanum. After a while she, along with her adopted children, moved to Qum and remained there. Close

عضدالدوله، سلطان احمد میرزا، تاریخ عضدی، نشر علم، تهران، صفحه ۳۰۱. Close

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