Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Badiʻ al-Mulk Mirza ʻImad al-Dawlah

d. 1875 or 1876

Son of Imam Quli Mirza Dawlatshahi (‘Imad al-Dawlah) and brother of Sultan Ibrahim Mirza (Mishkat al-Dawlah) and ‘Izzat Malik (Ashraf al-Saltanah); father of Huma Khanum Bihjat al-Saltanah, Saltanat Khanum Muhtaram al-Saltanah, Hamidah Khanum, Banu Khanum, Batul Khanum, Muchul Khanum, ‘Ismat Khanum, Mas‘ud Mirza, and Manuchihr Mirza

This information was obtained through the genealogies of the Moezzi family. Close

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