Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Anik Istipaniyan (Avakiyan)

b. 1919 or 1920 Tehran
d. 2004 Tehran

Anik Istipaniyan (Avakiyan), the second child of Ninish Amirkhaniyan (Istipaniyan) and Artin Istipaniyan, was born in 1919. She married Avak Avakiyan in 1941.

Anik Istipaniyan (Avkiyan), born in 1919, studied at Zhandark elementary and high school, and continued her education at the University of Tehran as the first woman who graduated in Dentistry from this university. Later she started her practice next to her father in Tehran and then married Avak Avakiyan in 1941. Anik and her mother, Ninish Amirkhaniyan (Istipaniyan) were involved in charity. Anik was awarded a medallion by the Armenian Church of Beirut for her charity efforts. Close

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