Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Nuzhat al-Muluk Salur

b. 28 January 1894 Tehran
d. 11 January 1988

Nuzhat al-Muluk, the first child of Kawkab Khanum Dargahi and ʻAyn al-Saltanah Qajar was born on 28 January 1894 in Tehran. In 1921 when she was 28 years old married her paternal cousin, ʻAbd Allah Mirza Salur. They had a son that called him Sabuktagin, and a pair of twin girls called Faranak, and Naztab. Nuzhat al-Muluk died in 11 January 1988.

Nuzhat al-Muluk, the first child of Kawkab Khanum Dargahi and ʻAyn al-Saltanah was born on 28 January 1894 in Tehran. She had four younger sisters -- Huri (Qamar al-Dawlah), Zaynab (ʻAyn al-Muluk), Malakah, and Rawshanak. Before her marriage Nuzhat al-Muluk lived with her family in a house that belonged to her grandfather, ʻIzz al-Dawlah, close to the shoe section in the Tehran Bazaar. She learned how to read and write from her private tutors. Being fond of poetry, literature and calligraphy, she handwrote several books of collected poems, from which the collected poems of Farrukhi Sistani, Khayyam, and Baba Tahir ʻUryan are examples. She was also skilled in sewing, cooking, and embroidery. Nuzhat al-Muluk married her cousin, ʻAbd Allah Mirza Salur in 1921 when she was 28 years old. At the time he was working for the Ministry of Finance. ʻAbd Allah Mirza was son of Maryam ʻAmid (Muzayyan al-Saltanah) and Husayn Quli Salur (ʻImad al-Saltanah). He was born in 1904 and died in 1959 at the age of 58. After the death of ʻAbd Allah Mirza, Nuzhat al-Muluk wrote several nostalgic pieces about him. After her marriage, Nuzhat al-Muluk and her husband lived in a house in Yusufiyah garden, which belonged to ʻImad al-Saltanah (ʻAbd Allah Mirza's father). Nuzhat al-Muluk taught sewing for a year in Namus, an all-girls school, but after a year she quit her job in order to accompany her husband on his official missions. They lived in Qazvin for two years and in Hamadan for one year. After returning to Tehran, they moved out from Yusufiyah to a garden in Shimiran and lived there until her death. Nuzhat al-Muluk and ʻAbd Allah Mirza had three children: a son, Sabuktakin (1923-1991) and a pair of twin girls, Faranak and Naztab (dob 6 June 1928). Nuzhat al-Muluk was interested in art and literature. She used to teach literacy, hygiene and health related issues to her servants. Her husband, ʻAbd Allah Mirza was interested in photography and took many pictures of people, especially of his wife and children, some of which have survived. After ʻAbd Allah Mirza's death, Nuzhat al-Muluk raised their children alone and managed her household. She died on 11 January 1988. Close

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