Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Lili Basil

b. 3 September 1918
d. 28 August 1953

Lili Basil, was born on September 3, 1918. She was the second child of Heripsimah Abrahamiyan (Basil) and Sarkies Basil. She had two brothers, Vachik and Shahen. She married on December 5, 1942 at the age of 24. The marriage lasted 3 years and ended in divorce. Lili died on August 28,1953 at 35.

Lili Basil was born on September 3, 1918. Her mother, Heripsimah Abrahamian (Basil) was an educated woman and was involved in Armenian social activities. Her father, Sarkies Basil, had studied in Singapore and India, was fluent in English, and was among the first telegraph officers in Iran. Lili was their second child. She had two brothers, Vachik and Shahen. She started her primary education at the Armenian school ""Kushish"" (Davatiyan) and finished it an the American Bethel School. Lili completed her high school and graduated from the music academy at the same time. She learned English and French and became skillful in playing piano. She learned first learned piano from her aunt, Satnik Abrahamian and then from Ms. Nur Allahi and Ms. Kharatian. After graduating from the music academy she started teaching piano and continued doing this until the end of her life. Lili was an active woman like her mother. She was a member of societies such as the ""Janis Christian Society"" and the ""Armenian Women's Society"". She married at the age of 24 on December 5, 1942. The marriage ended in divorce after three years. In her early thirties, Lili was diagnosed with a terminal illness and despite intensive care and efforts in Iran and Europe, she died at the age of 35 on August 28, 1953. She loved music and was interested in playing tennis, horse riding, and swimming. Close

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