Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Iran-i naw -- Women in other countries

Iran-i naw newspaper items have been organized in seven collections (15158A to 15158G):

  • Iran-i naw – Letters of women to Iran-i naw
  • Iran-i naw – Articles written by women
  • Iran-i naw– Articles about women
  • Iran-i naw – Speeches at girls’ schools
  • Iran-i naw – News of girls’ schools
  • Iran-i naw– Women in the city and miscellaneous news
  • Iran-i naw – Women in other countries

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  • History

    Iran-i naw was established on August 24, 1909 after Istibdad-i Saghir (The Lesser Autocracy). The manager of the paper was Muhammad Amin Rasul-zadah, a journalist and a member of the Social Democratic Party of Baku, who came to Iran during Istibdad-i Saghir. Iran-i naw was one of the most influential newspapers after the Constitutional Revolution. Besides its critical commentary on the social order, it was one of the most important newspapers in Iran that published articles on women’s issues as well as articles written by women contributors. Iran-i naw stopped its publication on December 18, 1911 after the second Majlis (Parliament) was closed.

  • Dates August 24, 1909 to December 18, 1917
  • Date Acquired 2016
  • Last Edited 8 March 2020
  • Record Number 15158G