Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

The Qajar Museum of Tabriz

A collection of objects of everyday life; legal documents, including a birth certificate, a power of attorney, and marriage contracts; a book; and copies of several letters by Mirza Abu al-Qasim Qa’im Maqam Farahani.

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  • History

    The Qajar Museum of Tabriz is located in a historical building, known as Amir Nizam Garrusi’s house, in the Shishgilan district of Tabriz. This building has been granted National Heritage status. After renovation and conservation work, it began operating as the Qajar Museum of Tabriz in 2006.

  • Dates Mid-19th to early-20th century
  • Date Acquired 2014
  • Last Edited 22 May 2016
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