Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

ʻAli Khan Vali's Album

Album of photographic prints documenting ʻAli Khan Vali, his family, and the people, places, events, and activities associated with his life and career as a Qajar grandee and provincial governor in northwest Iran. It contains many portraits and group portraits of people from virtually all levels of society, including orphans and other children, women, families, students, cadets, military officers, nobility, government officials, clerics, Sufi women, entertainers, and others. The full album is at the Harvard Library. For our archives, we have selected images related to the lives of women.

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  • History

    Born in Tehran in 1846, Ali Khan Vali accompanied his father, a diplomat and governor, to St. Petersburg in 1855 where he studied and learned photography. From 1879, when he was named governor of Maraghah, to around 1900, Ali Khan held a series of posts in the region of Azerbaijan, including mayor of Tabriz. During this period he illustrated his reports to the central administration in Tehran with his photographs. The album measures 30x45 cm, has 448 pages, and contains 1,412 prints. For full Album viewing, see here

  • Dates ca 1862 - 1900
  • Last Edited 22 May 2013
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