Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Shirin Dukht Sultani Nuri

This collection consists of two sets of correspondence: the first between Zarrin Taj and her husband; the second between I‘timad al-Atibba’ and his son Mu‘tamad al-Sultan primarily concerning household expenses and business affairs but also about family issues (including news of marriages, births, deaths, divorce, travels, etc.), most exchanged between Tehran and Tabriz from 1897-1903. In addition, the collection includes a sales settlement and a marriage contract. The former is for a house in Kamraniyah sold to Haj Mirza Murtiza Quli Sultan al-Atibba’ Nuri (I‘timad al-Atibba’) in 1898.

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    Shirin Dukht Sultan Nuri is the daughter of Aqdas Shahin and ‘Abbas Sultani Nuri (possibly the same Mu‘tamad al-Sultan in the correspondence in this collection), and wife of Isma‘il Niyazadah. The materials in this collection were made available to WWQI in 2011 by Maryam Niyazadah daughter of Shirin Dukht Sultan Nuri.

  • Dates 1896-1931
  • Last Edited 26 March 2013
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