Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

Shaykh Mahdi Najmabadi

b. 1871 or 1872 Tehran
d. 1957 or 1958 Tehran

Shaykh Mahdi Najmabadi, the son of Sakinah Khanum (Galin Baji) Rahguzar and Shaykh Hadi Najmabadi, was born in 1871. His first wife was Fatimah Sultan Khanum (Khanum Khanumha) and their children were: Javad, Jamal al-Din, Huma, and Jalal. His second wife was Ruqiyah Kundushlu, the sister of his father's second wife (Sakinah Kundushu). They had four children: Nur al-Huda (Nuri Khanum), ‘Ayn al-Huda (‘Ayni Khanum), Rubabah (Rubab Khanum), and Sadiqah. Shaykh Mahdi Najmabadi then married Zahra Malik (Kawkab) Dawlatshahi and they had two children named Amir ‘Imad al-Din (Hadi) and Sayf al-Din. His fourth wife was Ashraf Khanum and they didn't have any children. Shaykh Mahdi Najmabadi was a member of the first Majlis. During the Constitutional Movements, he hosted the meetings of the Bayn al-Tulu‘ayn Committee in his house. Shaykh Mahdi died on November 14, 1957 and was buried at Shaykh Hadi Mausoleum, Shaykh Hadi Street, Tehran.

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